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Life at the VanDyk's
Well, no pics for a while folks. We are just surviving these days. For the past 8 weeks the girls have had colds, fevers, and earaches. Just when we thought we were through, they both ended up with another earache! Poor kids. Then on Sunday night I went to emerg for some serious tooth pain and was given some anitbiotics and pain killers. I went to the dentist at 9:00 Monday morning and was home by 10:00 with one less tooth. There was a chronic cyst under a molar and boy did it hurt. So, Mia, Ksena, and I have been vegging on the couch all week like zombies hoping to get better. Dan has been very busy at work this week and is in need of some sleep too. I should mention, that we would not be getting through this with ease without the help of faithful Nana and Papa. They have babysat numerous times and we truly appreciate it! You spoil us with care!

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