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It’s a Jungle in There!
By: Mel VanDyk

This baby inside I’m sure has a grin,
As it climbs up my ribs and moves within.
My belly has become a park full of rides,
My back starts to ache and there is pain in my sides.

The grin on my face turns to a look of disquiet,
As the relentless activity irritates my diet.
But my smile returns when understanding dawns,
That motion inside signals life and I suppress some yawns.

So, baby move on, and continue to play,
I will be patient and look towards the day,
When your movement within becomes movement without,
And you’re no longer in the safe place you wiggle about.

I praise God for your strength and the energy you exert,
Why would I complain about the pain or the hurt.
For you are a gift from my Father above,
A display of His wonder and of His great love!

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