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False Almarms!
Grrr...thought for sure the baby was going to come last night but no. I never had false alarms with the first two but I was sort of counting on it this time since this is the third pregnancy. I imagine it will happen a few times before the real event. Apparently if you can 'walk it off' then it's not real and that's what I did and it went away immediately. I remember my Mom having a false alarm with one of my sisters and when Mom & Dad came back from the hospital shortly after they left we were pretty disappointed! I think that was Emily because when she was born I woke up the morning after Dad and Mom had left to go to the hospital and was happy to see that they hadn't come home yet. I almost strangled Taun when her answer to my first thought of the morning 'I wonder if Mom had the baby?' was 'Yea, she did.' HELLO!!!! You'd think she would have woken me up when she took the midnight phone call but she just went back to bed without telling anyone the good news. I've never let her live that one down.

-So sorry Taun and Janet if I freeked ya'll out last night when we were playing Settlers. No more games at my house for a while if this baby is going to keep tricking me.

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