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Esmé Margaret Elizabeth Van Dyk
Esmé (Esmay) meaning 'Esteemed or Loved'
Approx 10hrs old
First Ride to London and back again.

Finally get to hold her

oops didn't rotate pic but don't want to restart posting.

Esmé is in St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital being monitored. She has an abnormal valve and it is causing old blood to mix with new blood. Also the 'new' blood in not oxygenated enough and in turn causes blueness and discoloration when she is active. So for now she is on oxygen and is tube feed. Time will tell if the valve will begin to function better, the prediction for that is hopeful.

For those wondering how to get the accent on the é, you have to press 'ctrl' + 'apostrophe', then let go and press 'e'.

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