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In Love with my Mop!

My mop it is so handy,
I think it's really dandy.
It wipes away the dust with ease
It even keeps me from my knees!

Oh why, oh why do I sing about a cleaning tool?
This question I ask myself as I feel like a fool!
I guess it is because I love my home,
and I wanted to express my joy in a poem.

The task of cleaning is not demeaning,
it gives you time to contemplate life's meaning.
Contentment is found in enjoying today,
and doing it in a godly way.

So this song in my heart may seem quite silly,
but it is much better than complaining really!
If I should mope as I do my task,
then I do not do what Christ does ask.

So simple a theory but oh, just wait!
There is a verse that I would like to state!
'Godliness with contentment is great gain',
And this includes taking joy in cleaning pain!

OK, maybe the picture is a little 'over the top' but I could not resist as I love my mop!...please don't think I've lost my sanity, just having a little fun!...how else does a housewife survive?

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