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In Case You're Wondering...
We still exist here. Our camera is missing thus the lack of updates.
Ksena is 2 today! ...and already the onslaught of 'Are you going to toilette train soon?' has begun. Are you crazy! Three, three and under is nuts enough. I'm not throwing toilette training into the mix. Actually, I have been contemplating it but I just don't have the courage to start with memories of how long and hard it was with Mia. Ksena has signs of being ready so if anyone would like to train her for me I'll thank you profusely.
We have new neighbors in our ghetto (as Rob calls it) two doors down. They have some extremely yappy dogs. We would like to go say 'hello' to them and when we do I will have to exercise some serious self-control in order to restrain myself from offering to 'take care' of their dogs.
I've borrowed Taunya's camera for Ksena's birthday so we should have some new pictures to post shortly.

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