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Thing One and Thing Two... Inspiration

Thing One and Thing Two
Always know what to do!
They are busy, so busy,
They make their Mom dizzy.

In the wee morning hours they hop out of bed,
And what should they land on but their own mother’s head.
She moans and she groans but it’s not from the pain.
Oh no, it's not from the pain!

It’s from the sheer wonder at what they will do!
When it’s only begun it sounds like a zoo.
They jump up and down and beg to go walking
They scatter their toys and never stop talking!

And just when you think that they couldn’t do more,
They beg for the box that you got from the store.
It once held diapers but now holds delight.
They enter the opening and are then out of sight.

Who knew that garbage could be a toy!
Leave it to children to find such a joy.
For kids who have all, will never expand,
The horizon of exploring a simple box at hand.

There is contentment in simple things,
And little ones will shout with the fun that life brings.
So parent’s take heart when the dawn starts glowing,
Thing One and Thing Two’s laughter will start flowing.

Be sure not to stop it, no let it resound,
For that is the reason God makes us abound.
Rejoice in the Lord always is the decree
Our children don’t hesitate so why should we?

Mel VanDyk

Thing Three...is catching on quickly!

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