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We just got back from Spokane, visiting Jim's family. We really had a fabulous trip. The kids loved spending time with Grammy and with their aunts and cousins, and of course spending tons of time in the pool. Jim and I enjoyed getting out of the sauna that is southeast Texas in the summer. I'll share a few pictures soon, need to do a little editing first (mainly to reduce them; most of them turned out pretty nice SOOC.)

We learned a few things on this trip. Main thing - Madelyn is physically incapable of swimming and flying on the same day. Our flight home was an overnight flight (another lesson learned - never do that again!) and poor Miss Mad cried the whole way with her ears hurting. Poor baby. Another thing - my bottle of water is evidently a security risk. The big sharp scissors that were in Gabbi's backpack are evidently not a security risk. Seriously. We're at Grammy's house and Gabbi pulled scissors out of her backpack. The same backpack that was selected for additional screening - it went through the x-ray machine and it was sorted by hand. I feel secure, don't you? Oh, one more lesson learned - never underestimate the DELIGHT that a 2 year old will experience seeing lots of "big jets!" He LOVED the airport. He wasn't as crazy about being on the airplane, but he loved to look out the windows at the airport.

We found out while we were gone that our homeschool plan is going to have to be completely changed after May of 2009. We love Bob Jones Homesat, and it ends this year. This is totally giving me stress. I'm trying to plan for this year, and taping some extra classes so we can soak everything out of homesat that we possibly can. Splitting blockfeeds is going to be my sole mission for this year - if I'm taping a bunch of extra classes, I'm going to have a bunch of blockfeeds to split. Fun fun. I guess I can try to look at the bright side - after 5/09, I won't have to split blockfeeds anymore. :( Not really such a bright side. I'm going to try to have all of k-6th grade taped by the end of the year. (Not as big a deal as it sounds - I already have 1st, some of 3rd, 4th, and 5th. I'll just need to do K, 2nd, the rest of 3rd, and 6th. And maybe Spanish. Still trying to decide that.)

In good news ... the diaper buying days are OVER. I'm amazed. Whoever said boys were harder to train didn't meet mine. G we had to potty train twice - once before M was born and once after. I thought M was never going to potty train. Then B decided that he was ready to use the potty and that's been that. I think he's had three accidents over the past couple of weeks. I wasn't even going to think about potty training for another few months. Did I mention I'm amazed? Definitely not complaining though!

Okay ... guess that's it for my random ramblings. I'll post some pics of our trip tomorrow.

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