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Watercolor Ponies

My baby is 3 today.

We're thinking that birthday plans might need to be changed, depending on the weather, so Micah brought him a cake today. We got it out, realized we didn't have candles, then I found tealights and put them on there. We sang and Landon blew out the candles. LOL We lit them again so I could get a pic of Brendan trying to blow them out. Finally the candles were done and I took them off of the cake and got ready to cut it. I was walking from the table to the kitchen with the candles. Guess how many I had put on the cake.

TWO! Is that denial or what? I didn't even realize it when they were on the cake. Silly mommy.

Walk down Memory Lane with me ...

My sweet little newborn:

Brendan at a year old:

At two:

And today ... three ...

Don't blink. They grow up way too fast.

And look for a similar post next week, when my oldest turns 10. Yikes.

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