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Not Me Monday

Just thought I'd share what I absolutely, positively did NOT do this week.

I never, not even once, spent the entire day in my jammies because I didn't want to add to the laundry pile. I keep my laundry totally up to date, so there would really be no pile to add to. So I didn't do it.

I absolutely did not throw away a sippy cup because it had milk in it. Old milk. Even if it was gross, it would still be wasteful to just throw it away, so I just wouldn't do that.

I also didn't spend several hours playing with my cell phone while things like dishes and laundry went undone. Read above, I don't have a laundry problem, so I really have plenty of free time to spend with my phone. Not that I did though. I also didn't leave the kids doing math on their own so I could play with the phone. I'd never do that. Nor would I send them outside to check on the puppy 37 times so I could read the manual of my phone in peace.

You're totally right, MckMama, everybody needs a little Not Me Monday in their life!

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