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The Labor Day Meme

Totally copied from Mama J, who got it from Rocks in my Dryer.

Feel free to steal it yourself, I love reading birth stories. Just leave me a comment if you steal it so I'll know to go to your blog and read it.

How long were your labors?
#1 - no labor, scheduled c/s
#2 - no labor, scheduled c/s
#3 - about 17 hours, mostly pretty light, until he was born by c/s

How did you know you were in labor?
#1 - no labor
#2 - no labor
#3 - These weird pains kept coming at regular intervals. LOL Let me tell ya - go to a hospital, tell them this is baby #3 and that you have no idea what labor is and be prepared for REALLY funny looks.

Where did you deliver?
#1 - St. Joseph in Bryan
#2 - St. Joseph in Bryan
#3 - St. Elizabeth in Beaumont

Um, yeah. I don't think they do c-sections without them.
#1 - spinal block, was a reasonably pleasant experience
#2 - spinal block after about 12 tries and bruises all over my back
#3 - general anesthesia after a panic attack after four spinal block attempts

3 times yes

Who delivered?
#1 - my most fabulous doctor, Dr. Benson
#2 - again, my most fabulous doctor, Dr. Benson
#3 - my primary doctor after moving here, Dr. Smith. He was also a great doctor, but I do have to admit I took a teeny bit of pleasure at messing up his schedule and having him come in late at night to do my c-section. Eh, that's why he gets the big bucks, right?

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