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The New Addition

Meet Pepper Puppy.

I am SO not a dog person. I'm actually getting attached to the little darling though. LOL

She just showed up in my parents' yard after Hurricane Ike went through. The kids immediately became attached to her while I fervently prayed for owners to show up. Jim seemed to become attached to her before he ever even saw her. The Lord seemed to answer my prayer with a reminder that He has a sense of humor, convincing me that her owners did indeed show up.

A funny thing - we took the cats with us when we evacuated but left the fish here. Evidently fish don't really care for houses that get really hot when without power for a week, and fishie didn't make it. Okay, that's not the funny thing. The funny thing is that in their campaign to keep the dog, my children tried telling me that we had been a three pet family and that one of our pets didn't survive the storm, and therefore needed to be replaced by the puppy. Um yeah ... let's trade a fish for a dog. riiiiiiiight ... that's an even trade.

Since our fence went the way of the fish during the storm, Pepper is currently on a chain. I don't really like to keep dogs on a chain, but she seems very good natured about it. She's just a good natured dog all the way around I think. Brendan has spent hours alternately playing with, loving, and torturing her. She actually seems excited to see him every time he goes outside. Brave little puppy. Or maybe she knows that she's going to be bigger than he is really soon.

Anyway ... that's life at our house.

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