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It's another installment of "Not Me Monday!"

Okay, what am I going to confess to not doing today?

I did not hide a bag of GOOD chocolate and not share a single piece with any member of my family. Nor did I eat half of that bag in two days. I would not do that because it's important to lead by example in teaching my children to share. Except for the really good stuff. Like yummy chocolate.

I did not spend about three days folding clothes for a church project and yet ignore all of the laundry at my own house. I do not currently have a mountain of laundry here that needs to be dealt with. I will also not send my kids to dig through the mountain when they would like to put on clean clothes. And while we're on this topic ... I would just like to say that I would not encourage my children to wear sandals in October simply because I'm just not ready to deal with socks yet. (In my defense - this is Texas, and I think it was 88 degrees today. Perfectly appropriate to wear sandals, even in October. Not that they did ... I'm just sayin'.)

And, knowing that co-op is resuming today, I did not put off getting my supplies out until last night. Late last night. I am always prepared, so I'd never do anything at the last minute. Really, I wouldn't. I'm just like that. :-P

My children are well behaved little angels. The girls did not fight EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. over who would open and who would shut the door of the van. Of all things. Who on earth would seriously fight over who would open and close a door? And I did not, on a day when we had several errands to run, threaten to leave them at various places if I heard one more argument about who was going to get out of the car first. I did not commend the older one for being concerned with her sister's safety when she told her she had to wait until I had taken the keys out of the car before unbuckling her car seat. It did not dawn on me until later that the purpose of that commendation was so that the older one could OPEN the car door, which evidently is better than having to CLOSE the car door. If MY children HAD done such crazy and annoying things, I would have handled it appropriately rather than just getting angry with them and saying things like "No one is ever allowed to go anywhere out of the house again!!!" Good thing my kids didn't do that.

And now I need to get this posted so that I can go over my co-op stuff. Again. Not for the first time or anything like that. Just a refresher.

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