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It's the third one that gets ya.

I am that mom.

Those of you with just one child know who that mom is. Those of you with more than one know too, but you don't have the time or energy to put into it.

Let me tell you how I discovered that I was that mom.

Picture mom and three kids getting out of the car at Target.

Oldest kid pops out, she matches and looks fine. This has nothing to do with the mom though, this child is ten and is starting to care about such things.

Middle kid pops out of the car. (Yes, if you're wondering, there WAS a fight over who could open the car door. Oldest child won.) Mom looks at middle child ... almost in horror. "Um, please tell me that you brushed your hair today. Please please please, even if it's a lie, tell me that you brushed your hair today. And your teeth." In my defense - this child's hair looks like it hasn't been brushed immediately after brushing it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. My blog, my story. Okay, so we excuse middle child's state of disarray.

Then the youngest. Oh my. Have I even looked at this child today? His face is dirty. His shirt is big. He's wearing black pants and blue crocks. ahem ... with a purple shirt. SIGH.

And then to make matters even worse, I start to ask myself if *I* have brushed my teeth and hair. Makeup ... well that's laughable, I know the answer to that. Oh dear Lord, please tell me that I AT LEAST brushed my teeth.

This would never have happened when I just had one. If we had left the house, she would have been dressed well, down to the hairbow. With two children, well, they were both girls and it was fun to match them up, so they were always dressed sweetly too.

Then came kid #3.

Another thing I've noticed. I've gone downhill as well. Kid #1, I giggled at "that mom" because *I* was together. I wouldn't leave the house without makeup and I would NEVER be sitting in the Target parking lot trying to remember if I had brushed my teeth! Kid #2, I probably wouldn't have makeup on, and my hair might be in a pony tail, but I would never need to question if I had accidentally forgotten to brush my teeth or to make sure I had matching socks on. Kid #3 ... and I've fallen apart. AND HE IS AN EASY KID. Seriously - it's not the kid at all. Even my difficult kid is easy now.

I think there is something that comes out of a woman's body with each successive pregnancy, and after kid #3, it's gone and normal, together moms become THAT mom.

So now you know. Those of you with one child, your turn is coming. You too will be that mom. And don't say you won't. I used to be a together mom too.

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