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Not Me Monday

Yep, it's Monday again ... well almost. I cheated a little and posted this early.

Y'all should go to mckmama's blog and read through the "not me's". HILARIOUS reading! Plus it's just a good feeling to know that I'm not the only one who ... um ... DOESN'T do some really silly things!

1. I did not read in Consumer Reports that a bowl of Sugar Smacks has as much sugar as a donut. I did not use this to justify in my mind that since we do occasionally eat sugar smacks, it would be perfectly acceptable to feed my children donuts for breakfast. I'm way more concerned about nutrition than that.

2. I did not, on my productive Sunday morning, take the trash out just after Jim left for work and lock myself out of the house. I did not have to a) try to break into my house, b) realize that I would make a lousy burglar, give up on breaking in, and try to wake up my son, and c) give up on that idea after realizing I'd have to stand in the middle of my plants in the front and scare him to death pounding on his window, and d) decide to go wake up the heaviest sleeper in the house, only to realize that the back door had been unlocked the whole time. I did not go through all of this while wearing leopard print pajama pants.

3. I did not double the dose on Brendan's cough medicine, thinking that if the regular dose knocks him out in 30 minutes, a double dose would knock him out in 15. You don't need to call CPS, I *REALLY* didn't. And I didn't think about either. Not for one second. Or 37. (Seriously - I really did not overdose my baby!)

4. I did not go see the movie Fireproof with my husband and end up so distracted by Kirk Cameron that I missed some of the movie. I'm way too mature for things like that. I did totally remember being a kid and watching Growing Pains every chance I got just so I could drool over him and his total blazer with the sleeves rolled up coolness though. (Fireproof is a FABULOUS movie, btw! GO SEE IT with your husband!!)

5. Finally, once again, I did not procrastinate this week. My co-op stuff was all done in plenty of time, my list was made for the insurance guy way before this morning, the girls practiced their AWANA stuff long before Sunday afternoon, and my school plans for the week were all written up before the week began. I'm just on top of things that way. And I would never ever procrastinate. :-P

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