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Another Not Me Monday!

I am not sitting here at this moment wanting nothing but peace and quiet. I do not suffer from noise overload every Monday afternoon. I do not give my children busy work that requires no supervision on Mondays so I can have a teeny bit of quiet. I am not currently planning to leave the house and take the VERY scenic route to church just because it will be quiet and peaceful in my car. I am not passing off a discipline problem that is going on right now to my husband because I just don't want to deal with it.

I am not a horrible mother. And my oldest daughter doesn't think I am either. I am not making her write her spelling words TWO TIMES EACH ... oh the horrors ... pardon me while I ROLL MY EYES. No, really, I would never roll my eyes at my kids. I am not mean for *not* making her do her spelling words. If I were to make her do her spelling words, it would not be just because I want her to be able to spell without having to rely on spellcheck.

I am not about to make every single word on said spelling list be looked up in the dictionary and have every definition written down if I receive any more grief about telling her to write the words twice.

I have not observed that it would have taken less time for her to write the darn words than to complain about having to write the words.

I would never write a "Not Me Monday" while frustrated with one of my kids. That frustration might come through in my typing, and I just wouldn't want to do that.

And, since I'm *NOT* picking on my oldest kid, I have a few to share with the other two.

My middle daughter's voice does not cause my ears to bleed. I love listening to her high-pitched squeaky voice as she tells on her brother and sister approximately 372,954 times every day. I relish hearing that sweet sing-song "Moooooooooooooooooommmmm!! She did this or he did that~!!!!" Really, I live for these wonderful mommy moments.

My son has not had temper tantrums all week long. The doctor's office, the x-ray place, church, co-op, grocery store, pharmacy, the bank, and every single person who has come to my house have not been treated to these tantrums. I did not hear that he pinched a teacher and kicked a baby at church last night. My children are little angels and never have attitude problems.

And, right at this moment, I am NOT tempted to drown my frustrations at Starbucks. Oh wait, maybe I am. ;)

I love my kids. :) Even when they have attitudes, squeaky voices, and temper tantrums. Thank you Lord for these sweet blessings!

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