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This is the funniest thing I've ever read!

Because We're a Happy Family Dangit!

And do you want to know why this is so funny to me?


Allow me to share some outtakes from last year's Perfect Family Christmas Picture.

Just touches the heart, doesn't it. I know *I* shed a few tears over it all.

And today was going to be the day. We decided to get REALLY brave and allow the mama and the daddy in the pic too. My poor children are going to grow up and look through pictures and wonder if mama was just a figment of their imaginations. It may just hurt me, but I'm gonna try to allow myself to be in some more pics.

Well, it rained today. All of the planning and stressing ... and rain ...

So, TOMORROW may be the day, weather dependent. (Because for some arbitrary reason, I've decided that the perfect family Christmas picture must be taken outdoors this year.)

We did finally get something worthwhile last year. A big huge thank you to the makers of photoshop, without which I would surely be babbling incoherently in a padded room right about now.

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