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Woohoo ... it's Monday!

After a couple of weeks off, I have a few "not me's" for you. MckMama may or may not be taking this Monday off ... she had a HEALTHY BABY btw! Praising God for that!! Anyway ... I needed a little not me today.

I did not only buy a fall festival costume for my youngest child and leave my other two on their own. That would be an obvious show of favoritism, and I wouldn't do that. But then again, what's a mom to do when her son's best friend has a Woody costume? In that instance, there HAS to be a Buzz. I mean, who can resist this:

That's right, NOT ME.

I did not spend entirely too much energy being worried about my daughter's twice postponed birthday sleepover. That would just be silly. They're all Christian young ladies and I would never worry that they might not mix well when they're overtired and sugared up. BTW, it was a fabulous party, and everyone got along just perfectly. :) I also did not take so many pictures during this party that I'm overwhelmed at the very thought of going through them.

Back to the fall festival ... other than Buzz Lightyear, I had a "smartie pants" and a "spa girl." Spa girl started shedding her costume almost immediately. Shortly after walking into the building, her costume consisted of a bathrobe and slippers. I did not tell her that if anyone asked her what she was and she said "Mother" that I would ground her. There would be no reason for her to do that. I would never spend the day in a bathrobe and slippers. PJ's and socks maybe, but not a bathrobe and slippers.

I did not celebrate the 12th anniversary of my marriage Sunday by being lazy all day. And if I had spent the day being lazy, it wouldn't have mattered too much because the hubby was at work, and we had already planned to have a date on Tuesday. (btw - I am LOVING having a free night - no activities, no work, no nothin' ... yay TUESDAY!)

I DID join Weight Watchers again ... 35th time is a charm right? I DID NOT lie on my food journal and leave some things off. My food journal that no one sees but me. My food journal that is simply a listing to help me keep track. What would be the point in lying on that thing? (Seriously - I want to know.) I also did not consume every point for the day plus every single flex point for the week before supper one day this week. That would be like 7000 calories and I would never eat that much in one day.

Okay, so that's all I've got today. I'm feeling thankful for the time change because it's just 7:00 am and I have time to get my co-op stuff ready. Not that I procrastinated or anything like that. I don't do that sort of thing.

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