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Not me Monday

I have NOT been a victim of procrastination again (you like how I'm a VICTIM? This just HAPPENED to me; I certainly didn't do anything to cause it myself!) I did not put off some work I needed to do until the very last minute, only to discover that I didn't have enough forms to get it all done. I am not going to have to skip out on co-op this morning to run to Office Depot to grab some more forms and then zip home and get these finished. I have not had this work sitting here to be done for over three weeks now. (insert blushing face here.)

I have been sick this week. (Really, I have.) I have not used this as an excuse to really do absolutely nothing all week long. I have not spent way too many hours in bed, and I have not passed off as much of the parenting as humanly possible to my husband. I am not totally rebelling at the thought of rejoining my life, decided that I have really enjoyed doing nothing.

I have not lost all of the exercising I had built up. I was doing Couch to 5K and had finished week 2. Then being sick, and being lazy, I haven't done it in over a week now. I am NOT happy about having to start over.

I am not sitting here avoiding taking a shower and getting ready for the day because I'm writing this post. I am not going to have to rush this morning because of this. My kids are not still in bed and my clothes are not still in the washer.

And with all of that said ... I'm off to the shower!

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