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Jan 10 - 16

Remember!! I never said they'd be GOOD pictures! LOL

Madelyn at a birthday party. Evidently she's sad about something or other. Maybe she's pondering the amount of icing on that cookie! Yikes!

It was a very happy day at our house when we got a new bed. The girls both got new bedding and are so excited to not share a bed any longer. A funny story - G spent the night with a friend the first night with the new beds, and M just couldn't stand it so she went and slept in her old bed ... which is now her brother's bed. If she knows you're taking a pic of her, she HAS to pose.

One of the highlights of B's co-op day is taking the trash out when it's over. He just loves it and oh my, trouble is to be had if I take the trash out without him!

I just thought this was a cute pic, so 1/12 gets a bonus pic. These are the new "BuzzManIComeInPeace" jammies. Yes, that is all one word.

Woohoo, go me!! Although, I have to state that I'm not quite sure what a 106% burn rate is. Anyone know? It has to be a good thing, right? This was after a 20 minute jog, so I was very excited! (Well, I was just excited to do a 20 minute jog without DYING.)

At MOPS on Wednesday we decorated pillowcases for kids in crisis situations.

On Thursday we took a field trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston. G loved this pic of her, and so did I!

And on 1/16, I rested. Oops.

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