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Project 365 360 300-something

I'm not sure if it's that I'm setting terribly low standards for myself, or extending myself grace in advance or what. I want to do the Project 365 thing. It's where you commit to taking at least one photo every day of the year. Here's the thing though. I missed days 1 - 4. And I'm pretty certain I'll miss a few more days during the year. I think Project 300-something is a worthy goal for a slacker such as me. I'm reasonably certain that I won't post aaalllllllllllllll of these pics, but I'll post a fair amount. Maybe I'll even learn to use my camera in the process.

Today's pics are taken ... and still in the camera. Because it's a new year and it takes a whole two seconds of effort to create a new folder, and apparently that's too much for me today. LOL Maybe I'll come back and edit to add them. Or maybe I'll just post a few days at once.

You know the really bad thing about setting low standards for myself? The pics I took today ... are they day 1 or day 5?

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