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Totally random post and there will be some more Project 300-something pictures to follow later, BUT~!!

We were in Target the other day looking at Wii games. Brendan saw a Kung Fu Panda game (which he calls Kung Pu Fanda, and I laugh every time!) and he screwed up his face to make this cute Kung Fu face. He was copying the panda and it was SO cute. Anyway ... he made this face like 12 times right then and I was so mad because I didn't have my camera with me. If you know me well, I pretty much ALWAYS have a camera with me, and my dear son is making this adorable face ... and no camera. Not even my phone.

So I've been on a mission ever since then to get this Kung Pu Fanda face recorded on film. Is my sweet three year old working with me on this? NO! The kung pu fanda face generally requires kung pu moves and lots of them. So, I have about 75 pics of an *almost* kung pu fanda face and about 75 pics of a blurry child moving right at the last moment and no kung pu fanda faces.

And then.

I log on to my own blog to check out all of your blogs and happen to notice the rifle pic. IT'S THE FACE!! You can only see part of it, so you don't get the full kung pu fanda effect, but it's the same face! LOL

Okay, well, it amused me this morning. Some days it doesn't take much.

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