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Can you relate to any of these?

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I am laughing so hard I'm crying. Yep, this is parenthood.

Mine to add, just from tonight.

1 three year old boy + 3.7 seconds = one trashed house. SIGH.

1 three year old boy + 3 valentine candy bags = sisters screaming, an avalanche of candy wrappers, and a sticky boy.

3 children + 1 grandmother = a LOT of noise as everyone has to show off either their toys, or their dancing ability, or their singing ability. Add folded laundry to the mix and you have a VERY angry mother and clothes scattered all over the floor.

One Monday + trying to get everything done + forgetting a bunch of things and having to do them twice + dance classes + a mountain of laundry + trying to get some exercise + the mere thought of all that has to be done tomorrow = one overwhelmed mommy who really needs to go to bed.

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