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Not Me Monday

Yep, it's that time again. Good thing I didn't do anything embarrassing this week, this oughta be a short post.

Let's start by picking on the kids.

One of my children did not this week tell me that she was going to sit in the same spot until she died. This was not brought about by a math battle, in which I did not tell her that she was not to move from that spot until her math was completed. This did not result in a battle of wills that lasted about FOUR HOURS. I did not at that time realize that I might have met my match in hard-headedness. (And for those of you who think I'm not hard-headed or stubborn ... yeah, just keeping that. I'm really not hard-headed or stubborn at all, not by any stretch of the imagination. Neither is my sweet daughter.)

We have not decided with another daughter that spelling should always be done on the trampoline. Picture this: me calling out a spelling word and her spelling it while bouncing. Cute pic, huh? Doesn't happen around here. We're way more traditional with our schooling than that.

I did not this week, in a fit of decluttering, throw away way too much stuff. Stuff that I picked out for my children, and bought. It would be wasteful to just throw away perfectly good stuff! And if we don't need it surely someone else does, right? It would just be wrong to throw it away. Especially since stuff for Goodwill and to pass along to friends doesn't just pile up while I do things like write blog posts rather than taking it on. We always get it out of here right away, so there would be no need to just throw things away to get rid of it quickly.

Said throwing things away certainly did not happen in a 30 minute time span while the hubs took the kids to the grocery store with him. There was not a mad cleaning tornado in this house at all!

Said cleaning tornado did not show up because my MIL is coming in this week and I want to give her the impression that we keep the house neat and tidy all the time. No need for that to be an impression I want to give, it really is how we live. Always. I'd never find enough socks to outfit an entire baseball team in the toy bins. Nope, not me.

One more ... okay, the poor dog was "fixed" this week. Bless her heart, she had no idea she was broken and had no idea what hit her. I mentioned to Jim that we were removing some of her "princess parts." He got really tickled by that euphemism. I did not repeat that over and over because he got tickled with it every time. I'm a serious person, I don't play and tease like that.

Okay ... please y'all don't just laugh at me, make your own list so I can see that y'all aren't perfect too! I'd love to read what you didn't do this week.

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