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Y'all Bear With Me

There has been too much stuff going on around here this week! I'm behind on everything. And by everything, I mean laundry, dishes, schoolwork, blogging ... Topping that off, we got a new computer and I seem to be a little challenged in using it. It's up and running, so that's good, but my bookmarks are all on the old computer. I'm trying to get them moved to delicious so I can get them over here, but that's seeming to be a little more work than I had intended it to be. I'm kind of wondering if it would be easier to write out every bookmark, come over here, and retype it and rebookmark it. (Remember ... I think that as a person approaches 40, technological skills are pretty much gone. I'm still surprised I was able to figure out how to turn this computer on!)

Anyway ... I'll catch up soon ... maybe ...

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