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The cheapskate in me ...

The cheapskate in me is at war with the relief in me that it's raining right now. See, we bought these passports for The Heritage Festival for our kids. Three kids, $45 each. These passports allow them to ride the carnival rides all week. It really is a good deal, unless you can only get up there one or two nights. We went on Tuesday night, along with every single other person who lives in a 30 mile radius. We went for a little while on Wednesday night, until one member of the family started exhibiting the signs of a meltdown on the way. Brendan, Madelyn, and Jim were acting kind of worn out too. :-P (Gabbi is currently residing at the Smith's house ... I did get to visit with her for a little while today though. Hopefully she'll be back tonight, I'm missing her!) Then Thursday it was cold and rainy. Friday, cold and rainy. Saturday, cold and rainy. A part of me really is screaming out "I PAID $135 FOR THESE PASSPORTS! WE'RE GONNA USE THEM EVEN IF WE ALL END UP SICK FROM THE COLD AND RAIN!!" The more practical side of me is saying "um, we don't like cold and rain. We could suffer through cold, but not cold and rain." So it probably really is a good thing that it's raining because otherwise I would likely be dragging us all out there tonight to get our money's worth.

The little ones and I did go participate in the parade this morning. Nothing says "small town" like a parade! Really, I love parades. Unfortunately though, it was about 45 degrees when the parade started, so there were very few people to actually watch the parade. I'm going to guess that more people were on floats than actually watching.

Don't we look like a loving family? We're just missing Jim, who had drill this weekend. Oh, and for those of you who just WISH it would warm up to 45 degrees where you live ... I'll just let you know that 45 degrees is really really cold for here!! I would actually call it "freezing butt cold." Especially if your butt is on a very nice wooden bench in a trailer riding down the road with the wind blowing.

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