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There is not much to update

My parents are home and are going back to Missouri on Tuesday. I've considered going with them, or Jim and the kids and I are thinking of going up ... or I don't know.

The news is bad, he's not going to get better.

I've been thinking about silly things -- like coming home to the lakehouse in Trinity and finding all of my pictures or stuffed animals upside down and knowing that Troy had come to visit. Or having mom and dad ask him where he wanted to go to eat on his birthday, and knowing that he would think and think about it, and we'd end up at McDonald's. The Centrifuge camp nametag he had - YORT rather than Troy. The dripping water sound ... Howie Mandel (and his Bobby voice) ... Flash/Muffin ... okay, well, I guess you had to be there to really get all of these. (I really need to share the Flash/Muffin story.)

Troy and I are about the same difference in age as Gabbi and Madelyn. I don't remember us fighting as much as they do, but we probably did.

This is really hard.

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