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Not Me Monday, the parenting edition

hmmm ... it seems that most of my "Not Me Monday" revolve around my parenting abilities, or lack thereof! Nevertheless, this edition is going to focus solely on parenting. The other areas of my life seem to be in too much of a mess right now to even put a pretty "not me" spin on them!

It is NOT ME who paid the oldest to clean the youngest's room. And we did not dicker and bargain to come up with a price. I did not offer $2, she did not counter-offer $10, and we did not discover that I'm much better at bargaining than she is and settle for $4. I also would not have very happily paid the $10 just to have it cleaned without me having to do it. None of this happened, of course, because Brendan is three and is super fabulous at cleaning up after himself. His room was not a fire hazard or in danger of being condemned or anything like that. I did not have to contemplate a pole vault kind of thing to even get to the closet. Nope, not at all.

And he also did not immediately destroy it again within minutes of Gabbi cleaning it. And I did not attempt to pay her another dollar to clean it again. (And she did not look at me, shake her head sadly, and walk off.)

It is NOT ME with the shrieking middle child either. I know I've mentioned before how high pitched her little voice is. It's a sweet little voice, really it is. It's just that occasionally the combination of the high pitch and the loud volume hit that one nerve in my back and turns me into a stark raving lunatic. Because this is absolutely not an issue here, I've not had to examine my words, as well as my pitch and volume in dealing with the children to see if it's possible that on occasion, I shriek as well. You'll be happy to know that I do not. Ever. So, if we happened to be working on lowering our volumes around here, which we're not, I would probably be asking for help in getting this child to stop shrieking. Glad I'm not having to deal with that!

And then there's the boy. He did not go for a solid week without a bath while waiting to get his stitches out. I am aware that I COULD HAVE covered them well and just not immersed them in water. I did not decide that it would really just be easier to just let him be dirty. I did not have to do a serious scrub down on both him and the bathtub the day the stitches were removed. Nope, not me.

Oh, and I don't think it's so cute when he says "I don't know!" that I ask him questions that I know he can't answer all day long just so he'll say he doesn't know. (I tried to make a video of it, but he was on to me by that point so he wouldn't say it.)

Oh, and I'm not using my free "I'm supposed to be cooking dinner and getting stuff ready for co-op tomorrow" time to type up this post to submit on Monday. I'm way better at organizing my time than that, I'm sure we've been over that before!

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