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Not Me Monday~!!

It's been a couple of weeks and I have a few things I didn't do to share with you!

I'm sure MckMama won't be doing a "Not Me" with Stellan so sick still, but I'm going to link her here. If you haven't read her blog recently, please hop over there and read, and pray for sweet Stellan.

First of all, it is NOT ME who relied on excessive sarcasm way too much in the past couple of weeks. Along those same lines, it is NOT ME who gets so irritated with passive aggression, and yet practiced this many, many MANY times recently. It is not me who is needing to apologize to several people for this lovely behavior. So let's see ... I don't have a problem with passive aggression, sarcasm, OR hypocrisy. Just so we're clear.

It is also NOT ME who used a long, whiny, rambly blog post as a method of communication with a loved one. Talking is always better than dropping strong hints in a blog, right? And since I'm a pro at communication, I would never need to resort to putting my side of a conversation out there for the world to read, but really aiming it towards one specific person. Whew, glad I didn't do that! I'd be really embarrassed if I had done that.

We had a geography fair at co-op this last week. Jim's family helped out so much with the show and tell portion! We dressed the kids up in kimonos and hapi coats, and Jim wore his kendo uniform. Cute family I had! It was not me who wore jeans and a tee shirt while the rest of the family was all dressed up. It was not my daughter who said I couldn't dress up like I was Japanese because I'm not. LOL It was also not me who was relieved with this, after seeing all of the work it took to get Gabbi dressed in her kimono! (So yes, if you're wondering, my youngest daughter sees everyone in the family as Japanese except me, and reminds me of this fact often.) Oh ... and it was also not me who decided that the bag of my favorite Japanese candy that my sister in law sent should be kept here at home ... you know, it was chewy and all, and I wouldn't want to be responsible for hurting anyone's teeth or anything like that ... yeah, that's right. It wasn't me who ate a significant portion of that bag. Nope, not me.

Lastly, it is not me who does not know if I'm coming or going lately. I do not for a second feel like I'm getting 2/3 of everything I have to do halfway done and not even attempting the other third. (Yeah, someone do *that* math!) I'm not behind on laundry, dishes, school, work, and really everything else I could possibly be behind on. I'm not leaving co-op stuff out in the car while sitting here typing up this blog post either, so don't think that for a second. I also did not state, loudly, several times that I didn't have time to fold mount laundry out there, and yet spend ... ahem ... several hours working on changing my blog layout. I prioritize my time very well, so of course that would be NOT ME.

I'm so glad to report that I didn't actually do any of these things this week. :) What didn't YOU do this week?

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