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I have nothing interesting to say.

I've tried to come up with something ... I've got nothing.

Life is crazy ... it's May, typical May craziness. Co-op ends Monday, choir ends next Saturday. I'm feeling VERY thankful that all of our activities aren't ending in one weekend this year. Last year we had all four - co-op, dance, choir, and awanas ending in one weekend.

I have one big thing to finish for co-op, then the work part will be done and I can sit back and enjoy the end of year festivities.

I think Jim's date may have been changed. We were thinking first week of June, but then someone told him something about June 25. The orders haven't actually been issued yet, so who really knows. Let me just tell ya - for a person who likes a plan, this is akin to torture. I'm really hoping he'll find out something this weekend. Something has to happen before the orders can be issued; I'm just hoping that's done soon. I just want to have some kind of idea as to what to expect!

Okay, we have a busy day today, and we're not even officially out of bed yet. Guess we should all get up and get started!

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