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The Prayer Request Post

Lots of people have asked about specific prayer needs we have. Here are a few:

My oldest: She is the one who is struggling the most. Bless her heart, she's at a tough age anyway, and she's trying to be all stoic and unemotional. It keeps coming out as a bad attitude. I'm really not quite sure how to handle it, to be honest. I understand why she's acting the way she is (have I ever mentioned that she is so much like me that it's scary? Poor kid!) but I don't want to let the bad behavior go. She needs to be able to express her emotions in a healthy manner. Screaming at her sister for the tiniest infraction is not expressing in a healthy manner! Also, could y'all pray that I won't rely on her TOO much? She's so fabulous with her brother, and is very capable around the house, but she's also ten, and I want her to enjoy being ten and not stepping up to fill a role that isn't hers to fill. I don't want to get lazy and push too much responsibility on her.

My middlest: She's the emotional one around here. For her, it's more a struggle to get her to NOT express every emotion she has in the exact moment she has it. ;) She's struggling too though, bless her little heart. She's the one who asks why and about 18,000,000 other questions, and will ask them all 30 times if she doesn't get a satisfactory answer. (And apparently, "because" is not a satisfactory answer.)

My youngest: Maybe we just need patience as we deal with him. He's a sweetie, really he is, but OHMY, what a HANDFUL he is! He likes to play rough and be tickled and have piggy back rides. Mommy isn't so great at that. It's going to be tough for him, and for us, to meet his "100% pure BOY" needs. We may need to rent a dad every now and then.

For me: Really the only request I have at this point is that I don't get depressed or overwhelmed. Both seem to just incapacitate me. It would be great if the adjustment goes well and we can get to some sort of schedule ... or at least right now it seem that it would be great. In reality, who knows.

For Jim: Honestly, I don't know. He's excited but his wife FREAKS if he happens to mention that. He's a good dad, and I know it's going to be incredibly difficult for him to be away from his kids for this long. Maybe I'll let him hijack my blog and let you know specifically how to pray for him. No matter what his specific needs are though, God knows. Of course, please pray for his safety.

For all of us -- these next two weeks are just emotionally charged. Please pray that we can enjoy each other and can get past the whole stress of it all.

And, something has happened again with my brother, and he's not doing well. My parents don't know many details, other than he's in the hospital again. My mom is planning to talk with his doctor tomorrow.

Thank you all for praying for us.

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