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We Have a Date

On the way to our field trip to Shangri La today, Jim's phone rang. He said it was the army. (I find it a little amusing that he always says "the army" rather than a specific person. I get this mental image of the entire army behind a person, kind of like Verizon commercials. Anyway.)

So the date is 6/5.

I'm content with it being earlier in the month rather than later. I'm not a fan of the long goodbye thing, and would prefer to just rip that bandaid right off over dragging it out over another month. It's not that at all. I'd just prefer to get it over with. Plus, the sooner he leaves, the sooner he'll be back.

That's the news from our house today. That, and we had an absolutely fabulous time at Shangri La. Maybe when I do some photo shrinking and editing, I'll share some pics. I have to say though -- the best pic of the day that I took was of my friend's son. I can't wait to show it to her!

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