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May I Rant for a Moment?

I'm fed up with the media.

Over the last two weeks, how much have you heard about Jon & Kate, South Caroline Governor Mark Sanford, Farrah Fawcett, and of course Michael Jackson? Yesterday the news was continually 50 minutes Michael Jackson and 10 minutes Mark Sanford. I get that these are important people in our society. I get that our society has elevated celebrities to god-like positions and that people are interested in the news as it develops. Still though -- all day? Continual coverage? Seriously?

Did anyone hear this story on the news?
Afghanistan: Soldiers Killed in Attack on US Base

It WAS actually on the news. I think it had a 20 second blurb. I'm not usually the biggest news watcher, so I was surprised when my mother in law called me earlier in the week in a near panicked state. (It didn't take long to do the time change math and realize that I had talked to Jim after this attack had happened, so my stomach dropping fear only lasted a few seconds.) Jim's fine, but two soldiers aren't, and there were six wounded also.

It just amazes me that there are serious things going on in our world, yet we as a society are more interested in whether Kate spanked one of her children in anger, or what Michael Jackson's autopsy results will reveal.

I'm angry with the media about it, but I guess it's not even their fault; they're just giving the people what they want. Granted my perspective is a little different now than it was a couple of months ago, so filter this rant through that, but I'm still just horrified by our society, and our media right now.

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