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Not Me Monday

Just thought I'd share a few not me's of the past few days ...

It is not me who has chosen a new life's motto of "I DON'T CARE!" Nope, I care about details and such and would never decide that I don't care if my son peels a grapefruit and eats it for breakfast thinking it's an orange. Speaking of food, we haven't been waaaaaay lazy on the meals around here the past couple of days either. I care about nutrition and would not ever just open a can of spaghetti-o's and let the kids have at it. Or if I did, I'd probably not balance the meal with a bag of chips. Nope, not me.

(btw -- see those bananas in the background? NUTRITION!!)

I did not do approximately 15 loads of laundry yesterday. That could not be possible because I'd NEVER let the laundry pile up so high that it would take 15 loads to get it all done! (And nope, no pics of this ... trust me, you wouldn't want to see them.)

I do not send the boy outside on a regular basis armed with a water gun (that he does not fill with the dog's water) and tell him the dog needs a bath. This does not cause a big chase scene, running the boy exhausted and getting the dog some exercise. I do not suspect that the boy is getting wise to my scheme. Oh -- and one of my life goals is not tiring out the boy enough that he will take a nap. Every day.

Okay ... I seem to be needed (guessing the dog's water dish must be empty and the boy needs help filling his water gun ... um ... if I had sent him outside to chase the dog with a water gun, that is ;) ) so any other not me's will have to wait until later!

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