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The first two weeks

We have survived the first two weeks. I originally said two weeks down and was counting how many to go but decided that was way too depressing and I'm all about putting a positive spin on things, so we're just saying two weeks down.

It's actually been an okay two weeks. We've been so busy that I haven't really known if we were coming or going, but that's been kind of nice. We had VBS at our church last week, and my nephew was here, so I got some time without children climbing on me. The kids love their cousin John, so it was fabulous having him visiting. He'll be here permanently in the fall, and we are all excited about that!

We're becoming professional VBS attenders. The girls are going to another VBS this week, and as we were driving home from that today, a friend called and invited them to an evening VBS this week. We'll miss a couple of days of that one, but the girls are excited about it.

I'm sleeping a little better. Still not fabulous, but better. I think there is something to be said for getting up early. When it's bedtime, I may stay awake until midnight or later, but I do eventually fall asleep, and once asleep, sleep well.

I suspected that the children were starting to worry about whether the stove and oven still worked, so I actually cooked a meal last night. WOOHOO, go me. We pretty much took the day off yesterday after a stressful Saturday and since I barely even bothered to get dressed, I figured I'd change things up a bit around here and cook. I'm sure the kids were wondering who I was and where their mother was!

(btw - since it is Monday, it was NOT ME that let her son stay in jammies all day yesterday, and then when he fell asleep watching a movie, I didn't just leave him in them. I'd never let my dear son wear the same thing for like 36 hours straight. That would be gross.)

Here's what we accomplished in the past two weeks:
We went to dinner at a friend's house.
The girls went to a sleepover and I grocery shopped with just one kid.
We went to a friend's house to swim.
We went to the splash park.
We went to visit my parents and pick up John.
We helped decorate for VBS.
We enjoyed John's visit.
We baked 60 dozen cookies over the course of the week.
We met a friend, let John babysit Brendan, and took the girls swimming.
We went to dinner at another friend's house.
We went to dinner at another friend's house (MAN! I have great friends!!)
Gabbi spent the night with a friend.
The kids went fishing with a friend, and can't wait to go again.
I got to help out some friends in need.
We met my mom to return John.
We had a blowout on the way back.
A friend came and sat with us while I hovered on the edge of a panic attack.
We used the $3/mo roadside assistance that I've been paying for since 1996 and never used before.
I got really angry at a Sears employee.

AND, I probably forgot a lot of things!! I told ya we had been busy!

I really do have some deeper thoughts to share. I hope to get to them at some point in the next couple of days. For now though, it sounds like the laundry is ready to be switched around. Laundry: a race with no finish line.

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