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I forgot to update a little ...

Jim arrived safely in Kuwait and we got to talk on the phone a couple of times this weekend. I haven't heard from him since he left Kuwait for Afghanistan, but I assume he has arrived safely there. I'm expecting a phone call or email or something today or tomorrow. I didn't think it would be so rough for me when he left Georgia for Kuwait, I mean away from home is away from home, right? Well, not so much. I was a mess on Friday. Since then, I've been okay again. Trying to take one day at a time, which works pretty well when each day is jam-packed with stuff to do!

We're managing pretty well around here. Yesterday was the first day since Jim left that I would have gladly given away one of my children. (I didn't.) (Even though I was tempted to about 75 times.) (Pray that this child has a good day and TAKES A NAP or I may not be responsible for my actions come this afternoon or evening.) We haven't had sandwiches every single day, and we're not all wearing clothes that are too big/too small. The laundry has been maintainted, not perfectly, but it wasn't maintained perfectly to begin with. The kitchen is staying clean ... and (get ready to gasp~!!!) THE FLOORS ARE VACUUMED!! I know, shock, right? (It's true - I detest laundry, but I *don't* vacuum. But I have been!! That's the task that I will gladly hand right back off when Jim gets back. Even for his two weeks ... hey honey, I'm SO glad you're home! Could you vacuum?) Anyway ... we really are managing pretty well right now. I think the kids have discovered that mornings are way more pleasant around here if mama doesn't trip over a toy or have to deal with dirty dishes. :)

In other news, since I know that y'all all prayed for my brother, I received an email from him. He's doing okay. I think good days and bad days. It really surprised me to see the email, and to be honest, I wasn't absolutely certain it was from him. It was though! :) Please, if you think about it, continue to hold him and his family in prayer. There are some things that I hesitate to put out there on the blog, but God knows the specific needs there. And of course, please pray for continued healing.

Okay, so there's our Monday morning update, now we need to get ready for VBS!

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