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Week Three

Let me just say - I cannot keep going at this pace!

This week:
We took the day completely off on Sunday after the tire issue on Saturday and getting so hot and so mad. A couple of us stayed in PJ's all day long. It was kind of nice.
The girls went to VBS at First Baptist Groves and had a fabulous time.
Brendan and I got a new tire.
Brendan got to spend a couple of days with his bestest buddy.
We had lunch with a friend.
We had lunch with another friend.
We went to the pool in Groves on the hottest day of the year. Kids swam and had fun, moms sweltered.
The girls went to a couple of days of evening VBS at Southside Baptist Church and had a great time there too.
The girls got to connect with several friends they hadn't seen in a while.
Gabbi had a friend come spend the night.
Gabbi had another friend come spend the night.
I completed four days of the 30 Day Shred and went to Curves the one day I thought I would DIE if I even saw Jillian's face. (Woohoo for exercising FIVE days this week!)
I went to dinner with my SS class and am still giggling at how completely confused we made that poor waiter.
I had a friend come over for dinner.
Madelyn went to Splashtown with one of her best friends.
I decided it would be "fun" to take four children to run four errands. There was some weird multiplying thing going on because it really did feel like about 16 errands. Fun probably isn't the word I'd use to describe the day, but it wasn't bad.
We got the grocery shopping done.
We made it to church this morning with nobody crying.
Care package #1 was sent off to Jim.
Care package #2 is half full and will go out in a couple of days.
I fixed the drain in my bathroom all by myself!
I did eleventy billion loads of laundry and swept the floor 676 times.
I rejoiced in the fact that Gabbi can reach every shelf but one in the kitchen, and is therefore able to unload the dishwasher.

I think that is IT. We are having a very easy week this week, so next week's review will be short. There's something to be said for staying busy, but there's something to be said for resting too!

(btw - these posts are mainly for Jim's benefit, although it's an enormous blessing to look back over the week and see how many times the word FRIENDS pops up, to see how the Lord has blessed us with these friends!)

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