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I'm leaving on a jet plane

I was just noticing that I've been a busy blogger lately! This is some kind of therapy, or a habit or something. The kids finally get quiet for the night, I put in my nightly movie or Psych, Monk, or House and sit here with my laptop and type. And enjoy the quiet. The quiet is nice. Too much of it and I go crazy, but I crave it at night, especially after the LOUD day we had today.

I could totally feel grace today, btw. I was about to just lose it with my house too loud and my kids bickering and a mess again after I had just cleaned and a mountain of laundry ... then I pulled out the bribery card and my children turned into little angels. The little one cleaned his own room and pronounced himself "Mommy's Helper." :-O I entered the abyss we call "CLOSET" and came out unscathed, and found a bunch of shoes in the process. The girls got their room the very loosest definition of "clean" as well, and hey, even with a loose definition, clean is clean, and that's good enough for me. We confirmed our theory that in case of drought, we need to go to Sam's. All it takes is us at Sam's to guarantee rain. So file that away for future reference.

Unfortunately we did not get everything accomplished that we needed to today, but we got a lot accomplished, and I'm calling it good enough. The things we still have to do are minor, except for that pesky packing thing, which I guess is kind of important.

Yep, come tomorrow, we're outta here. We're grabbing the nephew and headed up to Spokane where I fully intend to pass the care of my children off to a grandmother and aunties while I get caught up on my sleep. And reading. This is incredibly exciting to me. The kids are "climbing the walls excited" which is a grand thing.

I don't know how much blogging I'll get done while we're gone. I can more easily check in on facebook (gotta LOVE facebook mobile!) so I'll do that some.

(so ... show of hands ... who is singing "I'm leaving on a jet plane ..." now? You're welcome. I'm always glad to be of service.)

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