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Thankful Thursday

Okay, so I've been feeling pretty lousy lately about various situations going on in my life. I've kind of taken the attitude that I'm not happy and I may as well just wallow around in it. To be honest, this is working pretty well for me. It's making everyone around me (okay, just the kids ... and that one cat, but she's always pretty grouchy, so I don't think she counts) just as pleasant to be around as I am. Yep, my house is a downright joyful place to be right now.

So, in an effort to change that, I'm going to go way way back to my Gymboree and yahoogroups time and pull out the handy dandy Thankful Thursday list. Maybe it will brighten my attitude. And maybe not, but at least it's something positive, right?

(oh - my list is whimsical. I don't have it in me to go to more serious stuff at this time.)

Melanie's list of ten things for which I am thankful:

  1. Psych, the TV show, which makes me giggle every night.
  2. Sufficient disposable income to just buy the series on DVD.
  3. Splenda, with which I make sweet tea.
  4. Bath and Body Works new scent "White Citrus."
  5. Fresh, clean, carpets, except for the spot where Brendan dribbled his gumball machine gum today. :-/
  6. Big Mama and Boo Mama blogs, which make me laugh most every single day.
  7. The 25 books my mother-in-law let me take from her house, which will keep me occupied for a good, long time. (A REALLY long time - I just don't have time to read because I watch Psych every night.) Oh - and we will not be mentioning to my nephew that this could be the reason the suitcases suddenly became so heavy. I blamed it on the pants and two shirts Gabbi bought.
  8. The fact that the suitcases are in the darn attic and I will have no need for them in the forseeable future. (attic issues ... enough said.)
  9. Onion dip and queso, not together please.
  10. The fact that the soft toilet paper was what was on sale. (by the way ladies - this tops "Melanie's List of How to Know Your OB/Gyn is a Keeper" -- if there is good soft TP in the ladies' room, your ob/gyn is a caring, considerate person. If not, then not so much. This has been proven true with my vast experience of three ob/gyn's in my life, so you know it's scientifically accurate and well-proven. And you're welcome for the tip.)

Okay, that's it for my Thankful Thursday list. And it's good timing because my daily episode of Psych is all cued up.

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