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Troy Update

I realize my blog posts are all over the place these days, which seems appropriate as my thoughts are all over the place these days as well. Also, it's a little incongruous to be away on vacation while things are in bad shape at home. So, forgive the mixed up posts - Troy updates in the midst of a "not me" post or a "week in review" or various other posts.

That said, things are not going well with Troy. He is not going to recover from this. He's wanting to be in Trinity, and his wife is not wanting that. There seem to be some battles for control going on. Then there are the boys. It's heartbreaking to even think of them, and I've been pretty much trying to keep my head in the sand regarding them. I'm a "fix it" person and as I've sat and thought and thought and thought about viable solutions, I really couldn't come up with any. I'm trying to rest in the knowledge that the Lord loves these boys, and loves Troy, and has a plan for them. I don't have the first idea what this plan includes. I pray that some years from now we'll be able to look back and see that whatever has happened to them has worked together for good in their lives.

All that to say, this whole situation needs prayer and lots of it. There are immediate logistical needs to be worked out, and long term needs as well. We all just need prayer.

Thank you.

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