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Week Five

Worked with the two year olds in the church nursery.
Did days 10, 11, and 12 of The Dreaded Shred.
Girls went to the Bounce House for Terrific Tuesday.
Brendan spent the whole day with "Dean".
Girls had two friends sleep over.
Went to a friend's house for her little girl's birthday.
Got suitcases out of the attic. (This is kind of a big deal ... ladder, laundry room, attic ...)
Got kids rooms cleaned.
Got the rest of the house cleaned.
Met my parents in Conroe to pick up my nephew.
Stayed the night in Houston and got up super duper early to catch a shuttle to the airport.
Watched what I thought was going to be a serious injury for my son and discovered that he is way more resilient than I am.
Got aggravated at various airport employees and realized that it really was minor aggravation and not worth really stressing over.
Managed to catch the flights and had well behaved children along the way.
I am enjoying visiting with my mother in law.
And today ... I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. All day long. Oh wait - yes I did do something - I took a nap. :-O

So that's it for week five. :)

(I don't have an update on Troy currently. I'll talk to mom in the morning and see what's going on.)

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