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Weddings and Going Home

We had a fabulous weekend. The kids and I loaded up to go to Trinity yesterday. I wanted to attend the wedding of a friend and visit with family and just relax a bit.

Note to everyone: relaxing and having a three year old do not mix. Just so we're straight on that. Relaxing means putting the three year old in someone else's care.

The bride was a girl I used to babysit. Unbelievable that she's old enough to be getting married. I still see her in my mind as a ten year old. Funny that I HAVE a ten year old.

I remember so well Christie and her sister Cindy as little girls. I loved these girls! I taught both of them in Sunday school for years and just got to be a part of a lot of their growing up. It's amazing to reconcile the young girls they were when I left for college with the young ladies they are now.

(btw ... Christie, I know you're on your honeymoon right now and won't be reading this, but you are directly responsible for my fine french braiding skills. I remember like it was yesterday being at GA camp and you wanted your hair french braided. I remember thinking that I really wanted to have a little girl someday with hair just like yours. I got my wish. :) And she has greatly benefited from my fine french braiding skills. Sorry that you had to be the guinea pig though! I remember distinctly being a SLOW LEARNER on hair matters!)

The wedding was beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed the company I had. Gabbi and Kelli (my niece) went with me. Weddings are always fun, but attending a wedding in the company of an almost 11 year old and an almost 10 year old was extra special. They were delighted with every aspect of it. I was actually fearful for the taller people in front of us because during the beginning of the wedding, the girls could not see the bride. Thankfully they could at the middle and end, otherwise I'm afraid there might have been an attack.

I have to say it's a little odd attending the church I grew up in after many years. Lots of the same people were there and it was very nice to visit with them. It's just funny because on one hand I felt like a young girl again, and on the other hand, I turned 40 this week. And then the kids that I knew way back when are all grown now. Just an odd feeling.

For the longest time I just wanted to go back THERE. I loved that church, I loved the people in it. I had a hard time when I got married because I married, quit my job, and moved all at the same time. Quite an adjustment, and for the longest time, I just wanted to go HOME, home being back there. Other than hurrications and weekends here and there, I haven't been back a whole lot. Even with that, Trinity has always felt like HOME. It was an interesting moment today when we drove back to our house and realized that here is now home. The church I attend is my home church, after I thought my church in Trinity would always feel like my home church and everything else would be just marking time until I could get back there.

(Interesting that it's at this moment in my life that it feels that way too, but I'll save those thoughts for another day.)

Don't get me wrong - I love Trinity, love my family, love my former church family to pieces. I am so thankful for the impact they made on my life. It just kind of surprised me today to drive *home* and look forward to coming to *my* church and actually feel like I was at home, where I was supposed to be.

Just thoughts rolling around in my mind as I drove home today.

Christie, I wish you all of the happiness in the world in your marriage! It was a beautiful wedding and I'm so glad I was able to be there. Cindy, I was delighted to catch up with you, and I can still hear your song in my head!

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