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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Completely Candid

I love to look at all of the pictures in the photo challenges on I Heart Faces. I haven't entered any of the challenges before; either thinking that I couldn't come up with a picture to fit the challenge, or looking at the picture that would fit the challenge and thinking ... um ... no. But then last night I was loading pictures from my camera and saw this one. If you're a facebook friend or on CMF, you already saw it. I just love this picture. He had picked no less than a million flowers, seriously. I told my parents he was weed-eating their yard, one wildflower at a time. He brought them all to me, very eagerly. Then I told him that he needed to finish up and come in so we could get ready to go, which was clearly not a popular decision. I really wish the picture could have captured the intense grabbing of the last few flowers and the stomping up to me. "Here Mom. Take your dang flowers."

So there's my photo challenge entry. Completely candid four year old in all his four year old attitude glory.

(Look through the other entries! There are some fabulous photographers on there and I love looking through all of the blogs and pictures. I am completely unqualified; I just wanted an excuse to post this funny picture of my baby.)

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