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I'd like to request some sunshine, please.

Oh my heavens, could we have any more gray days??? The cooler weather has been so nice, I've loved to go outside and feel a cool breeze, but the lack of sun is just getting me down! It hasn't helped that we've been essentially housebound the last few days with a sick child. It says something that I was looking forward to going to the pharmacy because it gave me an excuse to get out of the house!

Thankfully, this evening has brought some improvement in the sick one. She's been pretty high maintenance this go-round. (Oh - and I've talked about her lack of focus before, haven't I? Get this: she was looking for some jelly to put on her toast. Then I started to feel a breeze ... she got distracted and wandered off, leaving the refrigerator door open. What am I going to do with her?)

I'm feeling this urge to be crafty. I blame Meri for this, in part. I won the gorgeous garland she was giving away on her blog and it got here today. I mentioned how dreary it is around here, right? This garland has brightened up my kitchen and I'm kind of feeling the urge to make one for Christmas. We'll see if I have the "stick to it-ness" to go get the stuff and make it ... all the way until it's done. It looks like it would take quite a bit of time. It's very rare for me to get any urge to be crafty, so I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I'm feeling that way now.

Wow. Could this post be any more random and pointless? This is my way of saying that I'm bogged down with sick children and gray skies, and have nothing of interest to say. Why it has taken me several paragraphs to say a little bit of nothing escapes me at this moment. I should offer some kind of award for anyone who actually reads this!!

Okay ... I promise ... post of substance, coming soon!

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