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"Scent-sational" Autumn

When I was a newlywed, I read a book that talked about filling your home with things that delight the senses...sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. I have always been smell-sensitive, and love to bring beautiful fragrances and scents into my home. Some of my favorite scents are those of autumn. They conjure up so many wonderful memories of home and family, the excitement of a new school year, the changes of seasons, and the anticipation of upcoming holidays! When I smell apples and cinnamon, I am suddenly a fifteen year old girl coming home late in the evening from play practice and opening the door to the smell of freshly baked apple crisp. When I smell pumpkin and cloves, I am transported to pumpkin patches and hayrides and Thanksgiving dinners around our table. There is just a cozy comfort to autumn scents, and I love bringing them into my home. I was thrilled to find two new scents this season at Bath and Body Works. Their wallflowers fragrance releasers, which are a great alternative to candles for those of us with little ones around the house, give out a steady but not overpowering stream of comforting scents. I tried Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Leaves, both of which are wonderful. I must say, the Leaves is my favorite and the candle I've been burning when my kids are either asleep or out of the house is simply "scent-sational!" If you are a lover of fall fragrances like I am, you may want to run out to Bath and Body Works and give these a try!

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