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Indecision. It's an awful thing. I think.

Okay, well, we had the big secret painting project a month ago. Except that the secret lasted about 1.52 days because the children decided to have a fight with paint sticks in front of the webcam. I painted my bedroom a creamy chocolate color, and I really liked it. I still do actually.

Then the quest for the perfect bedding began. I actually found some that I liked and was so excited for it to get here. It got here and was size full rather than king. Not going to work so well. Then the company irritated me and I decided to return rather than exchange. So the quest continued. Let me tell you - I looked at EVERY place imaginable, online and local, and found lots of things that were *close* to what I wanted but nothing that was IT. Then yesterday the kids and I went out for a while and I found what I wanted. I bought it, came home, and put it on the bed. I love it! Really really love it.

But ...

(there's always a but, I think.)

But then I started looking at the walls. I like the brown color. But then I thought another color might look better. I thought about it last night and again this morning.

(as an aside - I took the girls to church this morning but kept Brendan home; he's nearly well, but was still running fever yesterday.)

So, we took the girls to church and Brendan and I came home. I went into my room and looked at the walls. Then I loaded Brendan up, we went to Lowe's, and bought some paint.

Maybe since there's no secret to be revealed at this point, when (and IF) I finish this project, I'll post pictures! There are still several things to do though. Paint, and then the windows (and I have NO IDEA what to do there) and then decorations. I'm really excited to have an updated bedroom!

And with all that said, I'm going to put some paint on the walls. I'm a little nervous! I hope I like it! (And I guess if I don't, I can call it exercise, right? And not only that - I have another gallon of the brown, I can just do it again, right? Right?)

edited to add: The first wall is mostly done. I like it! I did have a moment of all out panic when I first put it on the wall. Know how wet paint sometimes looks a lot lighter than it really is? Um, yeah. Let's just say that the lighter version of the color I chose is not so pretty.

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