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Monday, Monday

What a DAY!!

Let me give you an overview of the weekend. Friday was pleasant and quiet.

Saturday the girls and I headed to Beaumont. I haven't had a Kohl's fix in months and it was time, plus we wanted to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. I told them we could have Pei Wei for lunch. Gabbi said that's not what she wanted. I should have been suspicious right then. In my sweet motherly way, I told her to suck it up because that's where I wanted to go, and I was paying. (My warm motherly skills bring a little tear to the eye, don't they?)

So, we get there and eat and I noticed she was shivering. It was a little chilly, but it wasn't cold inside. Then we went on to Hobby Lobby and I noticed that she was completely white. She was very clearly not feeling well, and it was easy to tell she was running fever. Sigh. No Kohl's. We got home and put her to bed.

Sunday, we were (obviously) staying home from church. Brendan was grumpy and fussy and then laid himself down to take a nap. Uh oh. He woke up with fever.

Monday, I had arranged for another mama to take Madelyn to co-op since she was still well. Madelyn woke up with fever. I've never had all three sick at the same time before! They all have the flu.

Did I mention that my mother in law is coming to visit? Tomorrow?

Thankfully, Gabbi is already on the mend. She was still running fever tonight, but it's lower, and she's definitely feeling better. Hopefully the same will happen for Brendan tomorrow (plus, he's taking tamiflu) and Madelyn will feel better by Wednesday (also on tamiflu). I have tamiflu ready for my mother in law and for me.

To add insult to injury, my much anticipated new bedding got here. It's pretty. I knew it should arrive, so I had my nephew help me move my mattress off so I could put the new dust ruffle on. Then UPS arrived, I opened the box, got the bedding out and saw "SIZE FULL" stamped on it. Um. I have a king size bed. Not so great. Actually, I kind of lost it. (Remember that crisis/inconvenience thing? Um, think crisis. Or straw that broke the camel's back.) So it's going back. Sigh. At least I changed my sheets today. I love fresh clean sheets.

So that was my Monday. I had a big long list of things to do and got to about four of them. I'm actually too tired to stress about that right now, and as soon as my husband calls, I'm leaving everything undone and going to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

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