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Things That Make You Wonder ...

1. Doing laundry and finding 17 pairs of undergarments for one child and two pairs for another child.

2. I stopped exercising this evening because The Biggest Loser came on and I wanted to watch.

3. I can devote an entire day to laundry and get every little piece of clothing done. When I go to bed that night, the laundry basket will be full again.

4. Same as #3 except with dishes.

5. The fact that I have no problem leaving the house to take Brendan to Mother's Day Out immediately after exercising (and being all grungy) but if I don't exercise, I feel that I must shower before going.

6. The compulsion that my two youngest children have to bring acorns inside the house. Any idea how badly it hurts to step on an acorn?

7. I realized that in the last month, we have had three cases of flu, two cases of strep, one bronchitis, and two stomach viruses. Four of these required doctor visits!

8. It's easier to just buy a song from Rhapsody, iTunes, or Amazon than it is to go find the CD that it's on.

9. My son got mad at me today and called me a "noodle." This was said in a loud, screechy, angry voice.

10. In planning a family vacation, I asked my friend which room choice would give us the least "family togetherness."

These are the random thoughts that are rolling around my head over the last week. Aren't you glad I shared them with you?

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