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We are THAT Family

In honor of the two year anniversary of the "We Are THAT Family" blog, Kristen is giving away some fabulous prizes! Just write a blog post about why yours is THAT family, link it to her post, and you're entered.

Here's mine:

We are definitely THAT family right now. Imagine a trip to the grocery store. We show up with the oldest two bickering over everything from who is going to open the door to who spotted the "slug bug" first, to who stepped in gum. Yes, my sweet girlies have actually had a fight along these lines: "I stepped in guuuuuuuuuum, youuuuuuuuuuu didn't~!!" If somehow the oldest is distracted from the fighting and arguing, the little one is always happy to step up and torment his older sister. (Funny, he only torments the middle one, never the oldest. I wonder why that is.)

Since the girls usually have the daily requirement of bickering covered, the little one is usually free to do what he does best. That would be jumping into mud puddles (remember, we live where it rains nearly every stinkin' day, LOTS of mud puddles around here), pulling that one orange off of the stand so that every one of them falls off, and my personal favorite, alternately pleading and whining for every. single. thing. in the store.

I am seriously going to go all this one day:

Our grocery store trips nearly always end with someone in tears, and sometimes it's me. The mom who walks into the store looking okay and together, and leaves with hair flying everywhere and THAT look on her face? Yeah, that would be me.

So, yes, if you see us coming at the grocery store, just keep in mind that we are THAT family, shake your head sadly, and smile and wave at us. ;) I'm betting you have some of THAT family in you too!

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