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Not Me Monday - the Halloween Candy edition

Ah, halloween candy. I have three types of candy-grabbers. One wants only the good stuff, preferably chocolate. One wants all. of. it. Good stuff, yucky stuff, doesn't matter. Volume is most important to this child. The third is okay with whatever comes into the bag, not picky, and not after a ton. I have not managed to use this to my best advantage.

(What? Don't tell me you don't rummage through the kids' halloween candy!!)

Okay, so the system that I did not devise looks something like this. a) the "good stuff only" kid really just can't be messed with. This kid keeps inventory and the only way something is coming out of that stack is if a stray candy not liked by that child happens to find its way in there. Just ignore that stack. Best to not even look at it. (And it's probably under lock and key anyway, lest *anyone else* around the house be tempted.)

So now we're down to:
b) the "volume" kid, and c) the "whatever" kid. Bag b is the bag to dig through. This child really isn't all that concerned with what's in the bag, as long as the approximate weight is as remembered. SO, if I were going to *borrow* some halloween candy, which I'm NOT, but if I were, it would look something like this.

Dig through bag b and pull out some good stuff. Realize that peanut m&m's are a lot heavier than pixie sticks. Dig through the c bag - remember, that's the whatever kid. Take heavier stuff from c bag - gumballs, stuff like that, and put it in b bag. Then practice looking innocent when the owner of the b bag is digging through the bag and says "hm, I KNOW there were some peanut m&m's in here just a little while ago!"

Not that I would ever DO anything like that. And I know you wouldn't either. Oh, and if I did, I probably wouldn't justify it by saying that the children really don't need so much candy anyway. See, actually, if I WERE to do this, I'd actually be doing them a favor. Because I'm a good mom like that, that's why.

Just in case you were wondering, the words "mama's coming, hide the tootsie rolls!" were NOT heard at my house at any time this weekend. Not even once.

Oh, and I would never ever consider Halloween candy to be a meal. And if I did, I would never post about it on my blog.

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